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Memorial and farmhouse of Hougoumont

Memorial and farmhouse of Hougoumont
Memorial and farmhouse of HougoumontMemorial and farmhouse of HougoumontMemorial and farmhouse of HougoumontMemorial and farmhouse of Hougoumont
110,00 € each



Entry hall of Memorial Waterloo 1815

OUR TOUR GUIDES CAN ACCOMMODATE UP TO 25 PEOPLE. FOR LARGER GROUPS, The number of guides shall be increased (according to groups of 25)

Summary :

A visit to the farmhouse of Hougoumont is compelling, and when combined with visiting the  (Museum), the Panorama, and the Lion Mound (Memorial village), will give you a complete overview of the principal battlefield and the confrontation between the French and Allied (British, Dutch-Belgian, and German troops).

The journey between Hougoumont and the Memorial Village site can be done by horse-drawn carriage (certain times of the year) (included in Memorial price), or by foot.

Your visit features three aspects:

1). An explanation of the role of Hougoumont in Wellington’s defensive lines, as well as colourful descriptions of the troops occupying and attacking the fortified farmhouse, as the day progressed on the 18th of June, 1815.

2).  A 15-minute multi-media show highlighting the bitterness of the fighting around the farmhouse

3).  A farm tour on foot, including explanations about the monument near the North gate, the chapel ,and the gardens.

The SITE :

This fortified farm was the setting for deadly fighting. Advanced position protecting the right wing of the Allies in much the same way as the Haie-Sainte farm in the center and the Papelotte farm on the left  wing.  Napoleon commenced his attack on June 18 around 11:30AM, at Hougoumont. What was originally to be a diversionary manoeuvre became the most violent point of the battle. The French assaults were furious, yet in vain. Fierce fighting continued until about 7PM. The orchard and garden changed hands seven times while the buildings remained in the hands of the 1,500 Allied soldiers.


YOur Visit :

In the magnificent courtyard of the farm complex, or inside one of the buildings in case of rain, your guide will bring to life the most significant events of the battle around the farm.  He/she will reveal the facts, and contrast them with the allegorical stories of Victor Hugo in his book Les Miserables.

The multi-media show in the old barn will explain the critical importance of Hougoumont in Wellington’s defensive strategy.

And finally, your guided tour of the principal structures and anecdotes surrounding the courtyards will shed light on the symbolic importance of the complex, up to current times.  You will hear about the monument near the North gate, inaugurated by HRH Prince Charles in 2015, the chapel which somehow resisted the fire in the attached chateau, and the orchard, taken and lost several times by the forces of Jerome Bonaparte, brother of the Emperor.