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Guides 1815
Your Guided Tour : Introducing Children to History

The events that occurred will be explained within the context of the times, in terms of people’s lives: (transportation, communications, supply lines, clothing and uniforms, etc…)

The reasons for the battle, in detail, will be re-lived in language adapted to our audience, as will the human aspects of the fighting.

In a world where children are suffering in war zones, far from our realities, it strikes us important to show what a battle is, and in particular that there are other ways to resolve our differences.

Preparing your visit

The children will be welcomed the same way whether or not they have had a preparatory introduction to the subject. Doing so would allow for a more engaging visit, such that they could answer basic questions during the visit, which would motivate and provide additional fun for all: The children, their teachers, and the guides!


For the older children (9 to 12), we can provide teachers wishing to prepare the children for the visit with L’histoire de Barnabé, soldat français dans la Grande Armée who found himself in the midst of the Battle of Waterloo. It can be downloaded free of charge, as well as a document detailing the living conditions of a soldier in 1815.

On the Ground:

There are special ticket packages for school groups, and provisions will be made for rest and mealtimes. There are additional activities explained on the website of Memorial Waterloo 1815. Please take a look, advise the Memorial Waterloo 1815 if you have a larger group. (