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Bicycle tour of the batlefield

90,00 € each



Memorial of Waterloo 1815
Tour guides can accomodate up to 25 people. For Larger groups, please book additional guides as needed
In summary :

Our tour guides lead up to 25 people each. For larger groups, additional guides will be needed.

The tour:

A bicycle tour of the battlefield is the best way to discover the whole operations theatre in two hours! Three reasons to opt for this mode for your visit:

  • Historical overview: Your guide will describe the Battle of Waterloo both in details and within its larger European context. You will understand the why and the how of the events that took place on June 18, 1815.
  • Explore history where it happened. Connect with the long-gone soldiers who fought here on that fateful day while you crisscross the terrain they trampled.
  • Simply enjoy a bike ride: Walloon Brabant is one of the most beautiful regions of Belgium. Our rolling hills, abundant vegetation and picturesque sites are sure to provide lasting memories.
The site:

The site of the battle of Waterloo is much as it was in the 19th century. At that time, the region was mostly agrarian and still unaffected by industrialization. At the dawn of the 20th century, concerned citizens recommended that the battlefield be protected from new constructions and the growing interest of land speculators eager to take advantage of the site’s proximity to Brussels. Sensitive to the project, the British contributed subscription funds to compensate local landowners. On March 26, 1914 the Belgian Parliament adopted a law to protect 1350 acres (550 hectares, 5.5 km2). Only one exception has been granted: the Fichermont convent was built for Dominican nuns in 1929. It is in this convent, now a music school, that Sister Dominique, universally known as the Signing Nun, wrote her song “Dominique”.
Today, the protected site affords us quiet wanderings through the battlefield trampled by so many soldiers on that summer day in 1815.

Your visit:

While you ride through the beautiful Brabant landscape, your guide will lead you through the saliant moments while describing the battle from the Anglo-Allied, the French, and the Prussian sides.

Starting from the Memorial of Waterloo 1815 you will ride along Wellington’s defense line toward the Papelotte farmhouse. Along the way you will pass the Haie Sainte farmhouse, the Gordon monument, and monuments to the Belgians and the Hanoverians. You will then reach the site of the Prussians’ arrival (Zieten’s 1st corps) before crossing the extreme left of the Allied line at Fichermont. Back on the plateau you will enjoy the best viewpoint of the battlefield before reaching the site of arrival of the 4th Prussian corps (Blücher and Bülow). Near the village of Plancenoit you will ride by the Prussian monument, the Belle Alliance farmhouse at the center of the French line, the French monument (locally nicknamed the “Wounded Eagle”), and the column to Victor Hugo. The end of the ride will take you to the Hougoumont farmhouse at the extreme right of Wellington’s line. At each of a dozen strategic stops along the two-hour ride, your guide will explain the events that took place in the context of the whole battle.

You will not enter into any building, and the ride will end back at its starting point, the Memorial of Waterloo 1815. The round trip may start at any location upon request.


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: Route du lion 1815, 1420 Braine l’Alleud -

: Bring your own bicycle and be sure to wear clothing appropriate for the day’s weather.