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The Allied Armies

We refer to the armies under the command of the Duke of Wellington as the “Allied Armies”.

This included the following troops:

  • British (24,000 including 10,000 Irish)
  • Dutch-Belgians (18,000, including 6,000 from the southern provinces – now Belgium)
  • Hanoverians (14,500)
  • KGL - King's German Legion (6.000)
  • Brunswickers (3,900)
  • Nassauers (1,600)
The Belgians

Between 5,000 and 6,000 people from the southern provinces (now Belgium) fought in the ranks of the Dutch army at the Battle of Waterloo. On the French side, it is more difficult to estimate the number of Belgians. As they were still considered French, they were not listed separately within the numbers of the different units. The number is generally estimated at around 2,000.

The Belgian Monument and the Demulder Monument pay tribute to them.

Coldstream Guards

The 2nd Foot Guards regiment, called Coldstream Guards, had a squad of 1003??? men in Waterloo. Two companies, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Mcdonnell, were assigned on June 17 to prepare the defence of the Hougoumont farmhouse.  During the attack by the French brigade led by Soye (of Prince Jérôme Bonaparte’s division) on the north door of Hougoumont, 4 more companies of Coldstream Guards (commanded by Col. Woodford) were sent by Wellington from their positions on the crest, to push back the French. These four companies then joined the defenders inside the walls. The Coldstream Guards, for whom two plaques have been erected on the walls in honour of their courage, lost 304 men killed or injured, more than 30% of their men.